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Terms & Conditions


Shipping is always free! All invitations are shipped through the United States Postal Service. All orders are shipped FOB from Glendale, CA, USA. Estimated shipping dates will be provided when your order is placed. You will receive a tracking email when your order has shipped. Any modifications, add-ons, or changes to orders once they have been placed may be subject to later ship dates. International shipments are calculated using live rates and as such are subject to change. All shipments in the US will require signature upon delivery. Orders are sent without additional insurance. Please let us know if you would like to purchase additional insurance for your shipment. 


cancellation policies & refunds


Due to the nature of our business, we do not allow refunds or exchanges on any of our finished products. 

Cancellation by Golden Moments Design
Golden Moments Design cannot be responsible for unforeseen circumstances, work-stoppages, "acts of God", which may make it impossible for us to complete your job in a reasonable amount of time. Our complete obligation to you may be discharged in its entirety by our refund of your deposit, without prejudice, and disclaiming any secondary consequences or costs that you may incur. It is our intention to complete every job to completion, but if there is a substantial reason that we choose not to move forward with any part of your project, a refund will be assessed and you will be required to sign a refund form with agreed refund amount.

Cancellation by Client
If the client decides to cancel the job prior to paying the invoice, the client agrees to forfeit the $50 design deposit. Cancellations after the invoice has been paid will not be accepted. Clients cannot cancel any part of your job once the invoice has been paid. All quantities of each item provided in the final design release are covered by this clause upon acceptance of this contract. Any quantities lowered or items cancelled are at the sole discretion of Golden Moments Design and will constitute forfeiture of that portion of the invoice. 

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